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Written on 09.37 by Andriawan Syahrul Azhar

Report of  Tigers

Every body know tigers especially in thier wildness of hunting instincts and skill for survival and their extinction. The habitats of tigers are in  Asia, Siberia and India. And the habitats of the tigers in each place is decrease every year, like we found in India where there are less than 3500 tigers in wild around of which 1411 are in India with its habitat falling by over 50% in last 30 years. Globally tigers occupy less than 7% of their historical geographical landscape.

Tigers are one of the biggest among the 37 species of cats in the world today. Tigers have very sharp teeth and very powerful claws to catch thier food such as deers, zebras, even buffaloes and other animals to be able to survie. Althoug tigers placed in the highest rank of predators but they also has a predator except a human. The predator of the tigers is a lion. Lions do not eat the tigers but just kill them to erase rivaly in catching their target. Tigers have big mouths and also have big gums. Tigers have piericing yellow eyes that glown in the dark that are used to hunting their food in the night.

Comment :
Tiger, or the king of the forest is the most endangered animals. Among the five types of tigers surviving in the world, the Sumatran tiger is the last remaining island races from three other races that previously existed in Indonesia. Bali tiger have become extinct due to hunting in the late 1940s, and certainly extinct Java tiger late 1980s. So, in Java and Bali, the tiger is just a fairy tale. I think we should all be keeping tigers from poachers par threats that wild tigers can still be together and make us see tigers endangered animals.

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